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Sometimes They Rescue Us

The "Sometimes They Rescue Us" project is a heartwarming initiative that aims to share stories of how animals can rescue us humans in unexpected ways. While we often think of ourselves as the ones rescuing animals, this project showcases how animals can also rescue us from depression and other difficult situations. 


The project collects and shares stories from people who have experienced the positive effects of animal companionship in their lives. These stories highlight how animals have helped their owners through difficult times, provided unconditional love and support, and even helped them to overcome mental health challenges.


In addition to sharing these inspiring stories, the "Sometimes They Rescue Us" project also raises funds for local animal shelters. By donating a portion of the proceeds to animal shelters, the project aims to give back to the animals that have given so much to us.


Overall, this project offers a unique perspective on the relationship between humans and animals. It highlights the important role that animals can play in our lives and encourages us to appreciate the amazing ways in which they can rescue us.

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